Kim’s World

A stunning work of art is never complete without it being personified in words. This makes the great connection between the artist couple of this space, Rianne the yang and Kimberly Daphne Gari-Salvarita the yin. Their union became the breading ground of many art imaginings that proliferate and made this Granmum Creative Studio cyberlocation alive.

As Rianne’s world captures the visual essence of art, Kim’s world tackles the essence of words and its power to captivate the mind, the emotion, and the spirit of its readers. In this section, you will be able to view diverse writing contents made from her freelance writing jobs; links from her other blogs or from published online newspapers; and some of her latest poetry and noted essays.

Obreros Artist Statement

Etched Sentiments was one of her first Artist Statement assignments commissioned by an artist friend for an exhibit called Obreros. She was made to write two other articles, May Day Iconoclast and Artistic Expositions on May Day, a press release and an art critic, respectively. Both articles where published in two different local newspapers both in print and online. The artist also posted all three articles in his blog as part of the exhibits online publicity.

She also made news releases on topics of human rights which was published in the AI Campaign, the Amnesty International Philippines official newsletter. Some of her written News articles can also be viewed on her university’s online news bulletin. Most of these works were made when she was still solitary moving through her literary writing–single, carrying her maiden name Gari.

Kim’s essays, poems, and journal entries before

Having worked for a local newspaper agency, she have encountered many opportunities of writing diverse topics and explored different kinds of writing. Yet she chose to make passionate and personal writing—the kind of writing made with both the mind and of one’s muses’ guidance.

Recent Poetry

Recent Short Story

Recent Essays

According to one of her satisfied employers, much of her works expresses the fluid sense of oneness. She has a way of weaving her words in the right patterns even with vague instructions from her employers—just the right taste for their taste buds.

Together with her writing, she fancies photography and now and then shoots stills for her blogs, articles, and for the pleasure of capturing a moment or a scene. She also explores other art forms as sketching, sculpting, and possibly painting (with Rianne as her teacher).

Being the yin of this space, she fills this blog with content to keep in touch with both artists’ creative endeavours. Content not of her own is acknowledged otherwise after each write-up.

Other avenues where Kim enjoys herself in writing and reading is at Shelfari: Book reviews on Kim’s book blog


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