Granmum Creative Studio is the home of Rianne’s and Kim’s creative imaginings. Both artists in different fields, Granmum is the birthplace of their creative ideas that spans different media and medium. You will see paintings, photography, poetry, stories, artist’s statements, music, figures, sculptures, pottery, and anything that comes in their imaginings within the confines of Granmum. Because Granmum Creative Studio is now in cyberspace, anything that the couple will engage creatively will be published in this cyberlocation.

The couple had been bound together in love, art, literature, music and healthy living. It will be expected that all these genre are present in this space for the intention of both is to make this place the reflection of their creative life together, as evidenced by the arrival of the first fruits of their love, Anais.

For people with much interest in art, there is a section in this space where Rianne’s original paintings will be posted for the whole world to see, Rianne’s World. Everyone is invited to look through and experience every stroke, line, shade, and expression which characterizes his works from other painters.

To those inclined in the field of literature and writing, Kim’s World is the section reserve for literary expression which expresses her writing style and conventions in the written art. Everyone may read through her original writings to experience her pieces mystic beauty though all are asked to respect her ownership of the works and to acknowledge it should one like to publish it elsewhere.

The Art Gallery section houses all the art works, figures, sculptures, and other creative innovations that the couple made in Granmum which usually started from their imaginings.

While Natural Health is the section which reflects all the natural organic products that the couple uses, promotes, and sells to anyone who wants to experience a more vibrant and healthful life.

On the other hand, What We Do, a section allotted for different writing and illustration services is also provided to open an avenue for commission works to patrons that are interested on the couple’s artistic style in producing artworks, write-ups, and other figures (pottery, sculpture, dioramas, etc.).

Furthermore, the couple expects that their visitors in this space will be able to enjoy it at the same time experience the creative muses within them to create and make their imaginings into reality.


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