Whimsical Worlds: Artists to Follow Now

Whimsical Worlds: Artists to Follow Now.

Great inspiration from fellow artists to spark the neurons to work!


Crocheted Beanies for All


Crocheted Beanies for All

Anyone who is a fan of the Despicable Me animation would know who or what this character is. A good friend of ours made this cute and personalized beanie for anyone interested in wearing a minion around town. ­čÖé

It is part of the Stringbeans personalized and handmade crocheted things that also includes dolls, toys, and pet clothes. Our friend Anna personally does the craft and is open for more customized ideas for all crochet fanatics out there.

If you want to see some of their products visit their facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/handmadestringbeans or email them at handmadestringbeans@gmail.com.

**This is the first Art Inspirations section of Granmum Creative Studios. Here you will enjoy some works of art, images, and anything that stirred the mind to make and create things that is usually made by other artists. Because art is giving a piece of yourself to everyone, this is our way of putting forward our inspirations from diverse creators that makes the world a fun and interesting place to live.

Wake me up….


A special day to wake up from our deep slumber–September 6, our beautiful baby has turned 20 months old today. We are greatly blessed for her coming into our lives–a jewel from heaven. Our sabbatical for many months past has now ended, here we are returning to update artistic innovations, realizations, and installations to everyone weekly.

Much had happened in our lives that brought us to a new city and many experiences reaped in the process resulted to a better molded artistic learning. Rianne and I are thankful for all the experiences made and cherished, it had given us much to imagine and let realize in the guidance of the ever loving Father above.