Rianne’s World

A space allotted for art viewing is not only a space of wonder but also a habitat of living creatures given life by its creator. With this case, the creator of all creatures in this section is the visual artist, Rianne Salvarita, the yang of this space. His creatures span from different mediums plastered on paper, canvas, or on anything that he gets his hands on.

Surreal Works:

Pop art work:

Yeyo Yipps

The works that is placed in this section will be a transition of his style that commenced with surrealist works then a bit of pop art, later classical painting style, and now a merger of both surrealist and classical style of painting. Most of the works will be on oil or watercolor as these are one of his latest works to date. Digital works on abstract style will also be placed in this space to identify his wide array of interest in the visual arts field.


Classical Style Works:

You Don't Need to be my Banana

Two Girls and Bananas are One Two Many







Works of his Current Painting Style:

Mock Duo

Birdie Twittering

Tweety Furnace

Mind Games






Furthermore, he also picks up his camera and captures different scenes of life and space on the road, off the shore, or even in any everyday scene he acts in life–a lover of life and art all in one. Some of his photography will also be littered in this section and later all over this cyberlocation. This will be the declaration of his living works’ existence and growth.

A slideshow of his photostream

Most of the pictures in this space is taken or processed by Rianne either digitally or developed from film rolls which is then scanned for the purpose of showcasing the wonders of his imaginings. Pictures not of his own will be acknowledged otherwise.



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