The Artists

The artist couple that owns and was identified in this space is composed of Rianne Dawn Salvarita a visual artist and Kimberly Daphne Salvarita a writer. Before both have been together in their art endeavors, each have pursued paths of learning in their respective art forms which honed their artistic signature in the different parts of Negros Island in the Philippines.

Rianne proliferate his artistic creativity in Bacolod, Negros Occidental where he was raised in a family greatly saturated in art endeavors as his father is one of the known local artists of his time. His father is sought after by hacienderos for his works consists of antique houses and haciendas that depicts much of the Sugar land’s glorious past.

Though with this exposure, Rianne explored greatly in the waters of surrealism rather than the realist impressionist style his father does. Putting great interest in the works of Salvador Dali and Giorgio de Charico, he fostered in the surrealist realm for years to better discover his own style and self. Later, he exhibited a fondness with the classical painting styles of many painting masters. With this discovery his painting style became more and more mature and personal that now he brings forth paintings that reflect a merger of both these styles into one making it his very own signature in his works.

As Rianne’s artistic discovery was in the Occidental, Kim fostered her writing style in Oriental Negros, Dumaguete City. Though she started writing way before she settled in Dumaguete, she sees the place as the start of her journey to discovering the diverse fields of the writing craft.

Already a self-taught writer of short stories and poetry in her younger years, she ventured into writing journalistic articles upon entering college and was given opportunities to write to local newspapers through the different agencies and organizations she affiliated with. These agencies also gave her the privilege to explore diverse media, understanding, and journalism conferences which opened a path to understanding the writing discipline. She also took documentary and script writing courses to widen her knowledge on other writing techniques.

With such exposure, she settled in making passionate and personal writing–the kind of writing produced not only with the mind’s guidance but at the same time greatly guided by ones muses as with many of her favorite writers. She believes that writing in this sense would be an endless discovery on ones craft and self.


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