The Path to Jericho

The Seven Trumpets of Jericho

The Seven Trumpets of Jericho (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a great sunny Sabbath afternoon yesterday. Rianne had been busy exploring the heights of Bridgette’s (his Olympus Evolt-620) photography magnificence while Kim took her time playing and having a great time with Anais on their floor.

Last month, Kim was able to make a seven part poem of the Israelites path to Jericho supposedly for their church souvenir program on its Second Praise and Thanksgiving Celebration but the project didn’t see print.

So as to honor the Giver of all talents and gifts, she decided to publish it here dedicated for the month of November, a month full of testing and learning for their little family that is walking in faith with the talents and artistry He bestowed to them.

Below are the seven part poems of the Israelite story on their journey towards Jericho, the first city they conquered in the Promised Land.

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The Lord commands Joshua in Moses stead

In Moses passing, the Lord appoints Joshua
Continue what was started for the children of Israel
The Promised Land for God’s chosen
Joshua be courageous, God has spoken


Joshua sent spies to Jericho

To prepare and proclaim God’s promise to His chosen
Two spies set to Jericho for a secret mission
Know the land, its people, culture, and tongue
For Israel will claim Jericho with a bang
As Rahab and Jericho’s people foresee to become


Crossing the parted river Jordan

The great river Jordan standeth sure upon Israel’s way
God instructs, Joshua leads the Ark’s priests steadfastly stays
At the center of the parted Jordan for Israel’s crossing on bone-dry ground
Like the time of Moses at the Red Sea when its waters were bound


Stones as Memorial to Israel on the Jordan’s parting by the Lord

To remember God’s omnipotence
A memorial by the Jordan stands
Twelve rocks for twelve tribes, Joshua says
As remembrance of the Jordan’s fate in Israel’s path
‘Lest the Israelites forget
As what usually happens many a time in the days past

Circumcision of the desert born Israelites at Gilgal

“Make flint knives,” the Lord says
To circumcise Israel’s desert born sons
For the circumcised who came out of Egypt have already died and passed
As the Lord had sworn to be their fate in the desert dust
He raised their sons and cleansed each one
To roll away the reproach of Egypt to everyone

The seven day march of Israel & the Ark of the Covenant

At the plains near Jericho, Joshua prays
Courage and strength he begged to Thee—the Father who sees
So the Lord of host then stood tall before Joshua’s eyes
And gave instructions that made his worries go by
“Compass the walled city for seven days with trumps blown every step of the way”
For the Lord promised sure victory over Jericho in His grace


The shout that let fall Jericho’s walls

With ram horns and the Ark put forth in procession
For six days from early morning in succession
Men, women, children were set to walk a full circle without exception
In silent cadence and trumps sounding upon compassing Jericho’s surroundings
But the seventh day procession was not a mere demonstration
Rather a proclamation of Israel’s veneration to the Creator of all things
For seven rounds were made full and sure
And at the end, a sudden shout and trumpet sound
That caused Jericho’s walls to tumble down

Photo & Design Credit: Ryn Paul Gonzalez


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