Mural Painting and Stained Glass Commissions

At long last the proposals for the Granmum Creative Studio mural and stained glass commissions are up for all who are interested in this age old art that earned many of the great artist masters of the past a chance to showcase their talents to the world for centuries even after their demise. A great example of this is the Last Judgement of  Micheal Angelo painted in the Sistine Chapel at the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican City.

Though mural paintings and stained glass works are seen in almost any institution or architecture, most of the known benefactors of the time were churches just like this commissioned mural and stained glass work Rianne made for the parish of St. Luke at Villa Valderama in the Province of Antique.

Painting in progress with Jesus and the sacred animals.

The finished painting of Jesus and the Sacred Animals.

Painting in progress for the Immaculate Virgin.

The finished painting of the Immaculate Virgin.

Having mural paintings and stained glass works in places where religious activities are held amplifies its serenity and beauty. It also enhances the distinctiveness of the place which in this case, the parish of St. Luke.

Paintings at the Altar of St. Luke Parish at Villa Valderama.

Stained glass works at the side windows of the Altar beside the Mural Paintings.

The whole scene of the St. Luke parish church with the mural paintings and strained glass works.

Usually works in this institution entails realist paintings to explore on the beauty of the saints they most represent though most often than not, the kind of painting will really depend on what the patron desires.

For those interested to have mural painting and stained glass commissioned works from Granmum Creative Studio please leave us a comment or contact us at


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