Outdoor Cooking Episode

It is a great thing to experience life living simply and cooking your own food is one of the perks in this kind of lifestyle. Now with that perfect sunshine and the great smell of the outdoors, the couple ventured to do outdoor cooking. Manned with pots, pans, and Rianne’s art project–the rocket stove, they get into the business of cooking their breakfast of Spanish omelet and Alaska Tuna casserole.

Colorful Spices for the cookout.

Pans, rocket stove–“art project”, & the outdoors

Ladles, condiments, & the like.

Sauteing to test-run the “art project’

Salmon straight from Alaska to the Granmum Outdoor cookout!

Now everything looked their best all throughout the cookout session that one would be excited what the finished product would look like (or more precisely taste like!) And here it is!

Spanish Omelet ala patata 🙂

Alaska Salmon Casserole…Hmmmmmmhm

And now, boiling water for a hot cup of tea after meal. *precious*

Beautiful breakfast on a beautiful day after a successful cookout.


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