Painting Master Classes with a Mix of Coffee

Though a few weeks have already passed since the start of Rianne’s Master Classes in Dumaguete City, Kim has just recently able to take hold of the data she want to use for this post (and a short break from Anais’s very curious mind to take a long enough nap). So here we will run on some initial photos and short details on why they choose Dumaguete City to be the spot for a mix of coffee and art culture brought to everyone from the Granmum Creative Studio team.

Moon Cafe

The couple is interested in many things but the two things that they want to go together in their offered classes here in Dumaguete are caffeine and art. A cup of coffee alongside artistic expression is a powerful mix that incite the creative muses to flow through (not to mention the emergence of a creative atmosphere in the space one holds). Having these consciousness gave rise to the idea of art classes on coffee shops as what was practiced in France in the golden age of Art in the 40’s where one would see artists communing. The sight of Salvador Dali, Anais Nin, and Henry Miller in one table would put one into a stoic figure, struck by the sight of artists savoring the bliss of caffeine. To put forward this same culture and nurture it, below is the invitation Rianne made for everyone who wants to be part of flourishing the bliss of caffeinated art.

From zero to hero on the painting craft, Rianne takes on the role of teaching his students the technique in painting suited to his students’ capabilities which does not limit the scope of their learning. He believes that everyone of his students have their own pace and personality which affects much of the work they do on their paintings and the styles they take on the craft. The initial  classes he have had with the Lacson sisters (Anna, Angeline, and Agnes) together with some of their friends took place at Moon Cafe which is near the Dumaguete Rizal Boulevard and the historical Silliman Hall.

For those in town and interested in achieving that perfect shade and hue brought about the techniques of the old master painters you will only need to leave a comment below or contact the number reflected on the poster for more information and details so that you’ll not only enjoy a refreshing cup of caffeine but experience the graceful art tried and tested by the old great masters of the craft.

Have a blissful cup full of artsy thoughts!


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