What does one get when a maniac of machines make his machine creations into surrealist art? The result is Mechaniaco, an online art exhibition of Rianne Dawn Salvarita in Facebook, one of the top social networking sites of today. Click here to  view his 16 watercolor on paper works which is made up of diverse creatures formed from human appendages, found objects, and birds together with their bird houses or cages.

An Online Art Exhibition

Granmum Coffee Maker with improved Cocking Lever and Fish Think TankThe brainchild of Mechaniaco was the idea of creating creatures with practically imaginative and innovative uses (or practically nothing at all). One interesting piece is the Granmum Coffee Maker with improved cocking lever and fish think tank where you will be able to brew different fishy ideas in life. With extra strength pulling with the lever will cock in a magical creation never-before-seen in life whether living or dead. Another moving piece is Organizmo, seeing it you can actually visualize a scenic view of nature doing her fair share of living while you are in your living room watching a football game. And another is the Host Drone, a great creature to send in times of sneaking around a cup of warm extra extra chocolatey chocolate in your room behind mommy’s back. It’s stealthily fine walking appendage gives it the skill to walk even above water without detection. These and so on and so forth.

OrganizmoThe Mechaniaco lot are also creatures believed to be mobile and doing their fair share of duties in the Granmum Creative Studio grounds and premises which makes them one hell of a pet in anyone’s home. Caution: They will make it more alive then anything you’ve ever done in this world or out.

Rianne’s foundness with the surrealist genre started ever since he held his brush at a very young age. One can see the originality in his painting specimens whether imagined or real. This explains the conception of these unique beings that would greatly make your life a bliss among the chaos in the world.

Host DroneShould you want to order one, don’t hesitate to contact us through the comments section, we will be delighted to go over your choice Mechaniaco even for the whole day just to give you the best of both worlds and universe.


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