Stories to Tell

It took quite a long time for Kim to finally post these works for Moreen Austria, their artist friend who asked her to make a press release, artist statement, and artist profile for her exhibit last November 2011. Having been pregnant for 8 months at that time, Kim became busy looking after her health physically, emotionally, and psychologically as it is the couple’s belief that what the mother feels is what the baby feels inside her womb. With all that through, she was able to go through her previous works and skimming them she found these pieces. The press release was published in some local news agencies in Negros Island,


Press Release

Stories to Tell Solo Exhibition at Italia Restaurant

By: Kimberly Daphne Salvarita

Diverse scenes of women, children, and men representing a specific moment in time and space are the depictions Moreen Austria presents in her latest solo exhibition entitled Stories to Tell this Saturday, November 12, 5PM at Italia Restaurant, Bacolod City.

Entirely self-taught, Austria usually presents works in Ala Prima style and textured depictions through impasto application or accentuating her works with cloth, laces, buttons, beads, foil, dusts, and any other items that bids her fancy. She shared that usually these items came from things that hold a special memory in her life. This in turn makes each of her works very personal.

A mother and her child amidst colorful butterfly fairies and a Maria Clara with her guy floating in a dreamlike fashion against a starry night; these are just some of the moments Austria will be showcasing in Stories to Tell.

In this exhibition, Austria tries to put on canvas diverse depictions of love and affection while staying on her colorful coloring nature that heightens each creation’s life. Viewing her works is not like walking through an exhibition, it is rather looking through a kaleidoscope of memories as seen through the artist’s eye.

Austria is one of the many resident female artists of Bacolod City. She has become part of many artist organizations as Feminine Touch, BABAYI, and the Art Association of Bacolod (AAB). She also has exhibited around the Philippines in diverse art spaces including Cebu and Manila.  

The visual art show will run from November 12 through November 30. Italia Restaurant is open Mondays to Sundays 7AM until 10PM.


Artist Statement: Stories to Tell

The exhibition is the artist’s way to show her visions of love and affection around us. She stands as story teller to her audiences, opening their horizons on the variety of depictions of love and affection shown in this world—each painting, a kaleidoscope of memories through the artist’s eye.

Accentuated with laces, beads, cloth, and other things that bid the artist’s fancy, she gave her works rare harmony with its bright colorful hues. Wild and naïve are her strokes that it creates the emotion of the characters in her paintings. It captures the moment in which the artist feels the emotion just like a photograph taken in an instant to document occasions of one’s life.

Consistent in her signature Ala Prima style in pure color application, the artist explores the concepts of love and affection in every piece portrayed like a Scheherazade that paints a tale rather than of words.

These works are stories told through the canvas from diverse scenes reflected in the artist’s imagination being the soothsayer of her audience.

Artist Profile

Moreen Austria is one of the resident female artists in Bacolod known for her works with women figures in colorful hues. Her earlier works often portray ballerinas, mother and child, vendors, and women of traditional times wearing Maria Claras or Baro’t Sayas. Most of these works are done in Ala Prima style accentuated with cloth, beads, foil, dusts, laces, and other things that she sees fit. Recently, she explored on adding male figures in her works as part of her journey in finally deciding to devote her time in painting.

Austria has exhibited in many art spaces across the country including Cebu and Manila. She also became a member of different local art organizations as Feminine Touch, BABAYI, and the Art Association of Bacolod (AAB).

Kim really enjoyed making these colorful and interesting pieces from Moreen’s playful renditions of love and life in canvas. It became a great exercise for Kim and baby Anais before inside Mommy’s womb–a wide playful scene in the painting of words.


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