Sound tripping and Driving to Dumaguete

It was a cold but nice morning  in Bacolod Wednesday last week. The sun was still trying to peek through the horizon. The Salvarita family on the other hand was on the road, driving slowly towards the City of Gentle People, Dumaguete.

One can see many beautiful sights on the way, the lush green fields full of sugarcane–stout and ever so green, the different trees that line up the road occasionally with huts or houses beneath it, and the many different kinds of birds that peek and sing almost everywhere.

As nature is part of the many things that interest the family, traveling is the second best for them. It’s always an adventure as it never fails to entail discoveries that are unexpected yet worth discovering. The other thing that makes this trip satisfying was listening to the music of She & Him. Zoe’s voice never leaves you wherever you go. Below is one of the family’s favorite “You Really Got a Hold on Me.”

Seductive and beautiful, that is how one can describe Zoe Dischanel’s voice. It never fail to lull the family’s young one to sleep with a smile–confirming the start of her trip to dreamland.

The family arrived in Dumaguete in time for lunch with a short stop in Kabankalan City public plaza and Bais City public plaza. There fresh air and trees made the family’s stop worth more than anything. Nature heals and refreshes.


2 thoughts on “Sound tripping and Driving to Dumaguete

  1. Hi Rianne!

    Are you moving to Dumaguete? Angeline and I just got settled here in time for summer school. If you’re here I hope we can continue with our art lessons! How are Kim and Anais?


    • Hi Anna,

      We just visited last week for the graduation of Kim’s brother in Silliman. But maybe this summer we’ll go back there. Kim and Anais are well, Anais getting bigger and interactive.anyway please email me or text me at—09156650204…hope we could have coffee sometime when we get back.:)

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