Woman in Women for Women Exhibition

It has been awhile that the home page of this blog was filled with material. Do forgive the artist couple of their miss, welcoming a new member in the house really entailed the great 3Rs: rearranging, reorganizing, and responsibility (especially if the addition is a little bundle of love that is full of energy and high frequency).

But now, as adjustments are nearing its fitting, they are back in business! Thank you for the patience.

For this month, the art movement in store is exhibited at the Negros Museum in Bacolod City for the whole month of March to commemorate the global celebration of Women’s month. The featured artist is Rianne’s father, Roger Salvarita.

The following are the details of the exhibition written by Kim.

Woman in Women for Women

Bacolod City, Phil. — The fascination of women is almost every artist’s fascination since the classic painting masters whether in nude or fully clothed. Now at this time of global fascination of women as a figure of society and as remembrance of her significance, Bacolod artist Roger Salvarita launches Woman in Women, his first solo exhibit for the year 2012 for the whole month of March at the Phinma II Gallery, Negros Museum in Bacolod City, Philippines.

Gallery walls are filled with women in diverse roles of society which makes this exhibition unique from his former exhibits. Within the folds of these women collection lays iconic beauties and personalities that will bring crowds to reminiscence.

The Star for All Seasons, the UN Goodwill Ambassador, the Queen of Philippine Movies, these are just a few of the women Salvarita chose to deliver in his signature style that gives a direct and bold attack to painting.

Survived as one of the 80’s cinema painters, Salvarita had worked on many cinema paintings in Bacolod that engraved his skills in cinema style painting giving his works a realistic look as what is needed in these kinds of projects.

As a way to present his original cinema style at the same time commemorate women, Salvarita gives his audiences a way to cherish the days when cinemas weekly present paintings for publicity rather than posters and the reign of women media icons of significance. The Negros Museum is open from Tuesdays through Sundays from 9AM to 5PM.


One of the Top Women Actresses of the 80’s, Ms. Dawn Zulueta


The Star for All Season

Both works are part of this exhibition as the woman icons of Philippine cinema.

Artist Statement

The names Star for All Season, Queen of Philippine Movies, and Box Office Queen are just a few pen names from the movie industry’s women faces that stood as idols, icons, and personalities to the masses.

But before the age of posters and print media, cinemas were the place for bold realistic paintings and not merely for moving pictures. One would look at huge billboards to see what shows are up for the week, huge realistic paintings of celebrities at four to eight feet high walls towering above the theater façade, done by realist painters seldom seen and credited for their work.

In this collection, the artist walks back to the dimension of his lifetime where theaters hire artists for one reason only—to give the public a taste of what is to come within theater walls where the moving marquee of pictures are shooting in front of their eyes.

Everyone–man, woman, child–is invited to view the exhibit and experience the reminiscence of time past.


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