Birth of Our Angel


It is such a beautiful gift for the new year to birth an angel, the fruit of the artist couple’s love–both in mind and heart. We welcome Anais Vera Salvarita, the beautiful addition to the artist couple’s life that declares their being a family to the universe.

Her arrival brought great opportunities to many in the Salvarita household. as if she were sent with the fount of blessings overflowing into their very presence.

More than happiness and pleasure, she brought inspiration to Rianne’s music which led to his making a song that he pieced up upon his singing her a lullaby to lull her to sleep. Her lullaby was entitled “Heaven Have Sent You.”

“Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together.”
Anaïs Nin

Kim on the other hand was able to receive many freelance writing opportunities and the rare and raw experience of being a mother after birthing such a beauty.

P1071392After a long wait for labor and delivery to finally end, Anais Vera came out 1:54PM last January 6, 2012. She cried as if singing her way through the delivery room to the neonatal bathing room of the hospital. The joy and pleasure of hearing her cry resounded in Kim’s ears as she was consciously being mended by her doctor on the delivery table. The above picture was eight hours after Anais’s birth. Though tired, you can still see the delight on Kim’s face as she cuddles her precious one.

P1061382Anais by her mother’s side six hours after her birthing.

P1061374Proud and new father, Rianne (six hours after birthing).

P1071399Taking time to bond with each other, both mother and daughter tries to find each others sweet spots.

P1071396A closer look at nine hours old sleepy Anais.

P1071411New father after two days of sleepless nights.

P1081433Anais after changing her soiled diaper for the first time.

P1071403Kangaroo Care for warmth and love from Mommy.

P1081435Anais after her first change of clothes.

P1071417Grandma and Grandpa  looking over her sleep.


Mother and daughter ready to go home to spend the remaining light of the day knowing each other–passing love and light.

“Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it.”
Anaïs Nin


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