A days stroll in Dumaguete

Going through the streets of Dumaguete City in Negros Oriental, Philippines, Kim and Rianne took their time strolling and clicking stills along the way. Truly many interesting things not normally seen when one just walk past them are visible to the naked viewfinder of our Olympus camera, Eva–which means life.

002What can you see? Cotton candy or a smile missing a tooth?

005Sitting on its own at the roadside is this small cargo tricycle (motorcycle with a side cargo ban).

004Street business for a street businessman.

007Sidewalk terrace. Beautiful sky view.

031But for a full sky view, this piece pretty much rules out the previous spot. This view can be seen inside the first American institution in the Philippines, Silliman University.

065Found a spot for a quick shade from the prickling rays of the sun. A lonesome table and bench accompanied by Rianne for this shot. As it says, “Make yourself smile!”

064A beautiful view of the mystic island of Siquijor from the Rizal Boulevard.

061Focus your attention to the clouds, can you see a silhouette of a person reaching for something?

053Flowers by the port.

045Solitary post.

044But having a cardboard bull for company is not so lonesome after all.

070Complementary colors…after a hearty dinner.

A long day resulted to beautiful discoveries that one can only cherish for a moment without a trusty camera. But thanks to Eva, everything came to life in stills–suspended in time and space.


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