Duo Solo Art Exhibition: Avez-Maria & Musings Opening

Today was a long day of preparation and curating. Rianne and Kim spent their day at Casa Blanca Fine Dining and Delicatessens in Dumaguete City together with fellow artist and friend Trina Celdran Montenegro. All the excitement was due to the opening of a duo solo art exhibition of both Rianne and Trina in the said place. Kim played as the event coordinator, in charge of all the communications with the host location and publicity preparations and organizing.

At the end of the day, all went well. Casa Blanca patrons and management were delighted of the mood that the artists’ works radiated to the place–adding sophistication to Casa Blanca patrons’  dining experience alongside world class cuisine.




The artists, their families, and friends left with smiles on their faces of the warm audience that received Rianne and Trina with warm applause for their works.





Kudos to both artists and event coordinator, Rianne Salvarita, Trina Celdran Montenegro and Kimberly Daphne Salvarita! A job well done!




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