Morning Alarm

019 by rianne salvarita
019, a photo by rianne salvarita on Flickr.

Upon waking up, Rianne and Kim puts the kettle on the stove for some hot water for their coffee. Photography starts at this point for the two. Rianne clicks his Olympus FE-2040 even with sleepy eyes. Kim is left to prepare for breakfast, dragging herself around the kitchen to put away her sleepiness. She works her way in the kitchen with Rianne behind with his camera, looking for the perfect time to let the lens flicker and shoot.


Breakfast in a can + eggs + rice + coffee w/milk + good old morning sunshine + Cafe Cody chill music = Happy morning start!

And our cat Chairman Mao didn’t escaped his viewfinder. It’s a good thing that he is a good sport and follows what his daddy tells him to do in exchange for a delicious piece of fish for breakfast.



Coffee Cat



He is a good baby sitting by his mommy’s feet together with Rianne’s coffee cup. This is the morning ritual for Rianne, Kim, and their obedient cat, Chairman Mao. More to come on Rianne’s photography trippings on the next few posts around the streets of Dumaguete City.

Dialing 555



2 thoughts on “Morning Alarm

  1. What fun photos. I love the ones taken at home of interesting things, that are just normal things that look interesting. πŸ™‚ Love Chairman Mao. He is stunning and he’s got his own rug! πŸ™‚ Love the first photo of him with the legs. Great photos here. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Katie, thank you for visiting our blog. We’re happy that you enjoyed the photos. More to come in the coming posts (and surely Chairman Mao will be present in some of them too!) Nice to meet you, do visit us anytime at granmum creative studios, our cyberstudio…:)

      Rianne and Kim

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