Afternoons of Light and Shadow

As promised the topic today will be about Rianne’s art workshops with the Lacson family students. Though their meeting had already been more than a week ago, it’s still fitting to post about them–Rianne’s diverse group of art workshop learners that found great pleasure on everything that he taught them on the concepts of art. Scheduled twice a week, they meet the whole afternoon painting, sharing ideas, and discussing about art forms and techniques.

Their painting space is littered with paint, paint brushes, canvases, palettes, pencils, and other art materials that one would be greatly inclined to create anything that ones art muses would whisper.

Seen working intently on her painting is Angeline, the stylish one. She comes in every class dressed in fashion with a touch of her own imagination in every piece. Not a meeting passes without her unique sense of dressing that fits her personality so well.

Miss prim and proper is Anna of the four siblings. She takes every lesson in with gusto and enthusiasm that never breaks her poise and concentration. Never flinching on receiving new ideas about art, Rianne thinks that she will become a successful artist in the future.

Next is Agnes (though only traces of her–her painting, paints, and paint brushes–is seen in this picture), the Beatles’ child. Though still in high school, she is greatly inclined into music, especially with the Beatles. She is known by everyone in the family to be the one who listens to the Beatles 24/7 on the dot, a trait that greatly amazed Rianne in one of his workshop sessions.

The other sibling not seen in the photos is Alyssa, the realist. The youngest of the four and the most particular. She takes in the figures surrounding her and places them in canvas with such likeness to its original that one can not argue its sameness.

And lastly, Helen, the religious realist. The aunt of all four kids in the class who is fond of painting religious icons. She enjoys painting the way she does it whenever she decorates the cakes she is commissioned to embellish–standing. Rianne saw her great skills in cake decorating and he is more than happy to help her enrich her skills through the art workshop they are availing.

Meeting the Lacson Family students is a beautiful picture of what artists are in the world. As artists are known of their diverse natures, much have been seen in Rianne’s students that exhibited a picture of variety and tastes that will please a wide range of audiences in the art scene.


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