Markings of the Week alongside Marks of the Pasts

As both artists in the Granmum Creative Studio was busy from day 1 to 4 this week for the preparations of the events in their lives in real time (exhibits, workshops, birthdays, check-ups, etc.), online time became a scarcity. But these events are not a hindrance on Granmum’s proliferation of art. Both artists still found enough time to willow in their respective crafts.

Alongside writing articles and making multimedia presentations, Kim was also commissioned to write a press release and artist’s statement of Rianne’s father for his latest solo exhibit last Tuesday, September 20. The exhibit is on old houses and hacienda scenes which he is very much fond of. Below was his poster and invitation made by Rianne followed by the Artist’s Statement and Press Release Kim made.

Artist Statement: Marks of the Pasts

Moved by antiquated architectures and sceneries, Roger Salvarita never took his interests away from the old life of the Sugar Land that is greatly composed of great haciendero mansions and hacienda sceneries ever since he practiced his craft.

With this fascination, he has painted different works in diverse surfaces, mediums, and patrons—most of which are great grandchildren of the mansion owners as it has been passed from generation to generation.

As he feeds his enthralment of these subjects, the maturity of his craft blossomed in finding harmony with wood pieces in capturing these momentary marks of the pasts in brush strokes, lines, and shade.

Press Release: Balay sang Haciendero Solo

Persisting for years in the art industry, Roger Salvarita never fails to carry the respect of the masses when it comes to portraiture and mural paintings. This alone is reason enough to welcome his latest solo exhibition Balay sang Haciendero with gusto on September 20 at Phinma Gallery Negros Museum in Bacolod City.

Here, Salvarita will be showcasing his paintings on the different antique houses around Negros, namely Balay ni Tanadicang, The Ruins, and The Balay Negrense. Alongside these works are veranda views of haciendas that show the great history of the Sugar Land.

Most of his works in this show is painted on wood pieces arranged in a parallel fashion which brings out a unique harmony and personality to the antiquated houses and veranda views depicted. It achieves a belongingness to the moment in which scenes of before is captured in these wood surfaces, a mark of the pasts.  

Revered for his impressionistic style and great sense of detail in every piece made, it is expressed clearly in this exhibition that his signature continually perpetuates through the years. Painting for more than 30 years, Salvarita has exhibited in different parts of the Philippines and has produced sons that proliferate in the art industry both here and abroad.

The exhibition will run from September 20 through October 20. The Negros Museum is open Tuesdays to Sundays at 10AM until 7PM.

Both articles were displayed at the Phinma Gallery, the Negros Museum’s main gallery which also leads to the Museum Cafe, the museum’s space for entertaining any food fanatics’ appetite alongside wonderful works of art.

Throughout this time, Rianne was also busy doing art workshops which will be the next topic in Granmum’s next post. For now, the couple wants to invite impressionist painting fanatics who might be around Bacolod City Philippines to stop by the Balay sang Haciendero exhibit to experience not only art but also the rich culture of the Sugar Land which the Bacolodnons treasure most.


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