The Eggman Vision

The past few days was a time of work outside Granmum for both Rianne and Kim. Occupied of the preparations that are needed to be done in leaving their place,Flowerbox29, much of their art endeavors where offline. One worthy of note is Rianne’s characters for their planned comic book series, The Eggman Company.

The Eggman Company is a group of small egg-sized robots that were formerly eggs that mutated from radioactive exposure. The plot of the story revolves in the Eggman Company’s discovery of themselves, the planet, and the humans–the planet’s assigned stewards. There is also great emphasis on the importance of the environment in the comic book series as it is the desire of the couple to impart knowledge about environment preservation.

Currently, Kim is still on the process of writing and editing the story for the storyboard dialogue. She is still finishing the first draft for the first series of adventures of the Eggman Company. Rianne is also busy finding the right names for each of his characters and little by little made vector counterparts from his sketches made almost a year ago.

Meet the five newly vectorized  Eggman Company characters brewed at the old family gallery. Their diverse colors and get-ups give away their different personalities in the series which will be a mix of powerful and vibrant little Eggmans (not to mention their cuddly looks). Four of them are still awaiting their creator’s word for their final names but the pilot Eggman below is happy enough to receive his title and identity.

This is Captain Prayz, the A10 thunderbolt pilot of the Eggman Company. He is the emperor of the skies in their rooster. One must not mess with him in anyway especially if he is found clutching the joystick of his baby, A10. Captain Prayz is the first character that Rianne has named. His interest in planes induced his imaginings to fill this Eggman’s bio with such a name.

These two Eggmans are still trying to find themselves against all the thunder and magnetic field stores in their midst. Their creator is still brewing his mind carefully to give the best names of these characters that will be imprinted in their future readers minds for a long time.

Keep posted for the other characters and the comic book draft in future posts here in Granmum Creative Studio.


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