Honoring the Great Giver

Yesterday was one of the days that the couple would be out of Granmum Creative Studio and be in communion with the Giver of all things. As it is their faith to worship the Great Giver every sabbath, often they would be found meditating, praying, and singing praises to Him from sunset to sunset.

But yesterday was unlike their routine communion each week. It was also a thanksgiving event for their Giver. Each of the couple were given the privilege to present their gifts through their different talents to Him.

Rianne made a nature soundtrack and Kim made a poem that was read in the poetry reading presentation they were task to give yesterday afternoon as part of the afternoon worship of their church. It was a rare opportunity of honoring the Great Giver through their talents which is why both are truly grateful for the event. The poem was called Ethereal Paradise while Rianne called his soundtrack Spring of Love.

Ethereal Paradise

As light was shown against the darkness
And the heavens and the earth were formed
Each day was a step closer to the ethereal goal: Paradise
Night was separated with day
Waters gave way to ground
And herb yielding seeds, flowers, and plants abound
Living creatures and beings formed from grime
Arise and received the Breathe of Life
The Almighty spoke
And everything sufficed
From imagination to reality
Fishes in the seas
Birds of the air
Breasts of the earth
And sweet, juicy edibles
Given gratefully to sustain His creations
What great love there is
             That everything was provided
For consumption
For nourishment
And for propagation
Yet, the beings made
           Never fathomed such love
For darkness now, is not merely part of a day
But a slayer of nature
It ruled over beings’ hearts
Making nature dead
A thing without life
As selfishness lorded over all

Spring of Love

Both works were centered on the theme Nature and Environment as it was the topic which was discussed on that afternoon gathering.   


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