3×3: Three Art Exhibitions at Three Monkeys Cafe in Ubud Bali

Last Thursday, August 18, was the big opening of three solo exhibitions at the Three Monkeys Cafe in Ubud, Bali: The Vulvanic Eruptions, Nature of the Flesh, and The Windmills of the Mind.

Three artists connected together by blood and love, each treading different genres to present there latest works to the Ubudians and to its visitors and guests in one of the busiest streets of the town of Ubud, the Monkey Road. As the month of August and September is said to be the time when many tourists arrive in the art center of the Island of Bali, these art offerings are treats for everyone to not only see but also experience as each artists created their respective pieces with powerful visions of the mind, nature, and the feminine.

The Windmills of the Mind exhibition is Rianne’s first international solo exhibition in Ubud Bali. Here his works depict much of his wild imaginings, the mysteries, the ironies, and the power of the mind that presents creations with human body parts connected, conjoined to things seen surrounding us today. His pieces give a human persona yet a new being in itself.

The Windmills of the Mind by Rianne Salvarita

Artist Statement: Rianne’s works represent a visual dialogue that reflects the landscape of an imaginative mind. ‘Windmills of the Mind’ evokes a stretch of stillness in a landscape where sundry of objects converge and create an uncommon community.

The painting itself is almost a description of a ‘think tank’ vehicle where images are piled up and get connected to each other by putting them in an unworldly landscape of static stillness – with a sense of fragility.

The works are open for more exploration, interpretation – a certain indication that the wheel is turning in the ‘windmills of the mind’.

Rianne’s visual style is strongly influenced by surrealism and the metaphysical. He finished a degree in Fine Arts major in Painting; and has exhibited many times. He has a penchant for music and film animation. (by Raz’sal)

Together with Rianne’s solo exhibit is The Vulvanic Eruptions exhibit by the artist Raz’sal Salvarita, Rianne’s younger brother. His works usually play in hues of brighter shade using different kinds of medium and a variety of application styles in the process of making his pieces. In this latest solo exhibit, the inspiration that fed the Vulvanic series into conception is his longtime dreams of volcanic eruptions and the feeling of reaching the heights in his climbs. Also an avid climber and environmentalist just like his brother, he has merged these experiences with creations full of reverence to the feminine power of birthing.

The Vulvanic Eruptions by Raz'sal

Artist Statement: The artist had been flooded by recurrent dreams of volcanic eruptions. There is a sense of birthing energy in terms of symbology in working through the process of creation/creating the art series.

In Indonesia alone, there are at least 129 active volcanoes – which is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. For Ra’zsal, these volcanoes symbolize the birthing canal of Mother Earth, thus, presenting the painting series tagged as the ‘vulvanic eruption’. It simply evokes and recognize the power of the Divine Mother Earth – extending the ‘good, the holy, and the beautiful’.

The artist has felt an insightful experience in the creative process; and also made him feel a greater respect to volcanoes that even here in Bali, the tallest mountain volcano – Mt.Agung – is considered a holy mountain and home to the mother temple Puri Besakih.

Ra’zsal is an Ubudian visual artist-photographer. His recreational pursuit includes mountaineering; he has climbed the famous peaks in the island – Mt.Batur and Mt.Agung. He reconnects his spiritual insights to his exploration in the creative playground. Ra’z creative endeavors include graphic design, installation and performance art, creative writing. (by Raz’sal)

To complete the three solos is the Nature of the Flesh by Elle Wood, the brothers’ spiritual and creative partner. Her works are greatly displayed in abstract presentation full of diverse visible textures, lines, and strokes. She explores in the flow of creativity from within and springs forth this power in her canvas making pieces marked with her essence and being, exemplified by innocence, nakedness, and nature.

Nature of the Flesh by Elle

Artist Statement: The verbal expression of the line ‘nature of the flesh’ drives out a connotation of nudity or nakedness; and it is technically true in the natural essence of beauty. Everyone had entered planet Earth in form as a naked flesh.

The nature of the flesh is akin to a blank canvas thereof creative expressions spring forth. The body itself is a ‘communion/communication device’ – a tool to extend creativity.

For the artist Elle, her creative art process involves the bodily action using the flesh as the primary device for her application of colors on the blank canvas. With her painted flesh, she dances over the canvas, leaving traces of colors marked in different shapes. She experiences the so-called ‘intimate Oneness’ of creation – with significant personal insights as she plays and flows with the creative process.

Elle lives in a villa next to Tjampuhan river, Ubud. She endeavors her time to personal healing and creativity. She is also in the process of writing a book. Elle is in a studentship with The Way of Mastery at the Alam Cinta Ashram in Ubud, Bali. (by Raz’sal)

All three solos are up for everyone to see and experience from the whole months of August and September. See, Feel, and Experience.


2 thoughts on “3×3: Three Art Exhibitions at Three Monkeys Cafe in Ubud Bali

  1. What a beautiful blog, thanks so much for sharing your amazing artwork! God has truly blessed you both with guided hands! Keep up the wonderful work, and I pray someday I will be able to order something and have it sent to the States…..so I can spread the word of your awesomeness….Miss you both!

    • Thank you for the praises Trud..we’re happy that you enjoyed stopping by our new blog. We are truly grateful of your visit and beautiful words, it warms the heart..:) Feel free to stop by anytime, we will be posting our works in the gallery page and fill up the other pages very soon. Thank you for spreading the word..:) God Bless always.

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