A Quick Sniff of Fresh Air

Some of the flowers and plants on the gateway.

For the past three days, Rianne and Kim have been away from Granmum for a commissioned work on one of the local colleges in Negros Occidental. This gave them an opportunity to sniff some fresh air while doing what they love (painting and writing, respectively). As Rianne painted, Kim finds out some bits about their location, the work to be done, documenting the work process, and giving a helping hand once in awhile.

Rianne and his father were commissioned to paint mural paintings at the opening gates of the Central Philippine Adventist College (CPAC).  These murals will welcome visitors and guests of the said school before they enter its premises.

Central Philippine Adventist College new gates where the outdoor mural paintings were painted.

Together with a landscaped gateway with ponds that flow towards a big fountain at the center of its entrance, the mural of Jesus Christ clutching a sheep in the mountains and the mural of the envisioned Zion in the latter days were fitting images to complement its garden full of colored flowers.

Father and son, Rianne (left) painting together.

Rianne painting the new Zion.

Rianne's father finishing the mural painting

Rianne painting

The Central Philippine Adventist College is one of the two Adventist colleges of the Philippines located in Murcia, Negros Occidental. It is situated in a place rich in spring water, fresh air, and savours a really favourable climate for it was surrounded by many trees and plants. It is about 20 kilometres from the City of Bacolod, the capital city of Negros Occidental. As it is an Adventist School much of the Adventist Christian beliefs were made part of their way of teaching as well as the values formation principles in the school.


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