The Granmum Creative Studio on Spotlight

As the first post of the Granmum Creative Studio cyberlocation, it should be fitting to introduce everyone to the Granmum Creative Studio principal location together with its inmates. But be forewarned, for one must not harbor any expectations to what a studio is, how it looks like, or what must be the essential things that one can find in it. Keep in mind that what you will see is a space that will as much influence the creative muses of the inmates housed in it. It is neither bland nor pale. It is a den full of art pieces that speak its own story suspended in time and space.

Granmum Creative Studio entrance

To its inmates, Granmum is an all-purpose den where they sometime feast on their simple lunch for the day both to experience the warm presence of the sunshine that peeks in their windows and to muster their senses on the different creatures they’ve created surrounding them.

The Musical Muses place

This side of the den is where the inmates musical instruments are played. Present is the keyboard, the electric guitar, the acoustic guitar, the amps, and some imagination. The one trait that is not to be denied in this space is the presence of music every time. Both inmates live under the power of the musical muse, whether with their own music or with others.

Clay Creations Factory

Though one sees the painting more clearly than the new clay heater made, the things that are visibly seen in this space are the articles that equips the inmates to tackle on earth molded with their very hands. It is not an elaborate factory as both inmates are still accumulating sums to better their clay factory machinery in the future.

And lastly are the very significant spaces that both inmates often reside which even a picture without them is not possible as it is their very own creative space of living. It is their lifeline, their passion, their mistresses–the painting space for Rianne and the writing space for Kim.

Rianne’s painting space


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